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Fun Loving Shih Tzus
Teresa Roseberry , owner/breeder
For more information, call: 812-249-1679
or email:  tnacrelli6@verizon.net
Teresa's personal Shih Tzu babies
Available Puppies
Remember my puppies are raised inside as part of our family.  They gets LOTS of love and attention on a DAILY basis.
Any questions? Please feel free to contact me.
I have a waiting list for puppies,  so the best thing to do is to contact me and get the paperwork. 
I have a questionnaire form that needs to be filled out first.  It is fairly long, but it is to make sure that my puppies go to the best homes possible, so please bear with me.  Some people have been scared off by the steps I take to ensure that my dogs go to the best homes possible, but I just see that as weeding out people that are not suited for my puppies.  Thank you to the people that agree with me on the steps I take, and for being so patient with my process .  

Feel free to call or email me with any questions!!   tnacrelli6@verizon.net   or  812-249-1679

If I am unable to answer, PLEASE leave me a message !!!!!
Here we are having fun this past Halloween   (2008)
DOB: 10-13-2009
I got my little "Kuma" from Pam Moore (Woodland Shih Tzus).
Also check for available puppies on the Nursery and Woodland tabs above.
Most of my puppies are in the $400-$500 price range
Some could be more depending on size or type of registration wanted.
Limited Registration -  Pet  (has papers but unable to show or breed)
      Full Registration - Able to show and breed
Dewclaws Removed
Up to Date on Shots
Vet Check/s
Puppy Kit
Registration Papers
Gift Bag with Goodies
My puppies come to you with:
Nadia & Kuma Litter Born: 03-08-2009

Picture taken 04-02-2009 above and taken 04-12-09 on right.
Male #4   07-02-2009  "Hunter"
Male #1   06-05-2009
Nadia (CKC) & Kuma (AKC) Litter Born: 10-13-2009
Hunter updates:  Hunter with his sister Sandy (upper right).

Hunter's family with his sister and his new baby sister (orange bow) at Pam's when they picked her up. (Both his sisters are from Woodland Shih Tzu.)
Here are first pictures of the new babies.
Four females and one male (the dark one is female)
Female #1 (Above & left)    PLACED!
Female #2 (Above)    PLACED
Female #3  (Below)    PLACED
Female #4 (Below)       PLACED
Male #1  (Below)        "ON HOLD"
Nadia & Kuma Litter Born: 10-13-2009
New, individual pics of them at 7 weeks old!
Quality Shih Tzu Puppies
Contact Us
H: 765-832-1742
C: 817-707-7235
E: junique144@aol.com