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765-832-1742 Indiana (home)          817-707-7234  (cell)
                             email:  junique144@aol.com 
Dam: Tinkerbelle 9.5 lbs AKC   
Sire: Willie 5 lbs AKC  DOB: 03-12-08  
9 lb,14 ozs    "Charger"       PLACED
The following national organizations offer extensive resources for their respective breeds:
The American Shih Tzu Club: http://www.shihtzu.org
PLACED Puppies ...
Sweet Ebony Lilly (7lbs) (Left) &
Woodland's Romeo (Right) (8lbs)  DOB: July 2, 2009
Male #2 "Cocoa"   PLACED !!! 
Congrats Jennifer in Illinois
Dark reddish brown w/brown nose
& white markings (chocolate)
"Woodlands's Indian Summer" (Left)
female  PLACED      DOB  4-29-09
Gone to Pam from Woodland Shih Tzus
     Price   $1000   (Pet Price)
     2 lbs 7 1/2 oz  at  10 weeks old
"Junique's Little Promise" (Right)
Male  PLACED        DOB 4-29-09
Staying with June  Price $900 (Pet Price)       5.5 lbs at  4.5 months old
Will be available for stud service in 2010
Minimum Non-Refundable Deposit of $100 will hold a puppy.
June's Contact Information:
June Gross,  Junique Shih Tzus &
Pam Moore,   Woodland Shih Tzus
We recommend American Kennel Club
Dam: Tinkerbelle AKC
Sire:     Willie AKC
DOB:   11-29-08
"Regal"  PLACED
Firecracker "Boom Boom"  AKC Champion bloodlines
    Saluse's Britney 
AKC Champion bloodlines
Sweet Cinnamon Bunny AKC
   "Stormy"     AKC
Woodland's Winter Storm
CoOwners June & Pamela
Cinnamon had her puppies 9-11-09,
1 male & 2 female puppies!!!
DOB:   11-30-08  "Phoebe"
Congratulations to       
Drew & Lindsay from  IL!!!
"Gizmo" Congrats Jim & Wendy Cross from Ashmore, IL
Tiny Female   "Litsy Belle"
Congratulations Bill, Stacey, Maddie, and Gavin Huffman from Anderson, IN    !!!!!
Little "Max"        Congratulations to Rich and Linda from Terra Haute, IN
PLACED  "Tommy"
Congratulations to
Michael Shots in IN
Please check out available puppies on the Teresa & Woodland Shih Tzu pages too  -  Thank you !!!
Congratulations to Steve, Debbie,
& Morgan Jewett with the newest
addition .....  Cocoa !!!!

Keep Scrolling down for more pictures of June's Previous Puppies  - please check them out
Small Female #3
"Angel" and new family

Dam:     AKC
Sire:     AKC 
DOB:  xx-xx-09
"Emily" Congrats
to Tammy &
Hannah from
Tommy & Max - There they GO!!
"Nala"  with
Debra & Marty in
Newburg, Indiana
"Katie Sue" out of Ginger (upper right) by Coltrane (Teresa's stud)
"Tikki" with her new family in PA &  w/Gunner her brother in pic on the right
Summer (left) Promise (right)
   pics 10-03-09
  on right & below
"JACK"   "PLACED"   (below)     DOB: 7-2-09  pics taken 10-03-09
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PLACED Puppies ...
Above and right,
pics taken 10-4-09
"Bailey"  1 lb 7 oz
Lindsay from Fisher, IN  (on left)
Please check out available puppies on the Teresa & Woodland Shih Tzu pages too  -  Thank you !!!
Keep Scrolling down for pictures of June's Previous Puppies  - please check them out
Ginger and Charger with their new family. Regal has joined them with Larry & Donna of Indy
Keep scrolling for PLACED Puppies ...
Below:  pics taken 10-24-09 "Bailey"   PLACED
Congrats Snyder family from Illinois!  Keagan Joins Hunter (from Teresa), Leila and Sandy (from Woodland)!
11-06-09 pic"Bailey" Going home!!
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                                                                                                 Thank you.
Ginger and Charger with their new family.
Litsy Belle Huffman updates in blue, Nov. 2009
11-18-09 "Paprika" now "BAILEY" New Name!! See new pics below.
Bailey & Lindsay
Pepper has a new name!  It is "Wednesday"!!
Congratulations to the Owensby family from Gary, IN !!
Here is on updated picture of Suki from the Barcus Family
"Suki"  Congratulations to the
Barcus Family from IN
"Suki"  says Merry Christmas!!!
"Wednesday"  PLACED
  2 Pics below taken 10-24-2009
(See his gorgeous green eyes)
"Benny"  DOB: 7-2-2009   Pending
Anna Alexis "Lexie"
Dark gold with black face & shadings

PLACED with Cindy in Kentucky
"Betsy"     Staying with me!
White female with reddish brown markings 
PLACED with Pam
See me now
on the Parents
page Promise
Lilly's Male #3   Pending
Chocolate - Brown (liver) on white
@ 8 mos old, weighs only 7LB 6 oz
$ call for price $     
(pic: 2-21-10)
Quality Shih Tzu Puppies
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