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Farley now "CHEWY" went home with Linda and family. 
Welcome to our testimonial's page.  These are a few beautiful
pictures sent to us by our wonderful clients!
Lexie went home with Cindy
and Kate to Louisville. 
2 mos old.                                     Picture on right  at 7 months old.
Keagan went home with the Snyder family from Illinois.
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Bailey went home with Lindsay family from Fishers
Litsybelle went home with the Huffman family from Anderson
Picture on right is an update and you can see she is an avid fan!
Phoebe went home with
Drew and Lindsay in Illinois. 
Cocoa went home with Jennifer from Illinois. 
Cookie went home with the Cordiero family from Kentucky  
"Louie" went home with Jeff & Nicole to Louisville  (Lexie's half brother)
"CHUY" went home with the Cooper family of Monrovia
"Buster" went home with the
Bell family in Clayton
Cookie is doing so wonderful.  She is the most loving little dog and she is beautiful and very calm and she's my little "Cookie Monster".....  Cookie has completed my life so much....if I happen to have a crying day she will come and get in my lap and kiss me and when I go to work, as soon as I get home from work she comes and gives me sugars....and says 'Welcome home Mommy....let me tell on all the dogs but me cause I am the good girl'....LOL LOL               Patty and Joe Cordeiro
Max is doing great.  We love him!  We got a play yard for the backyard just for going potty, to keep him from being distracted.  It is working great.  He seems to know exactly what to do in there.  His favorite thing to do outside is pick up leaves, carry them around and chew on them.  Will try to send some pictures sometime.        Laurie
Max & Family in Illinois
Buster is doing well. Still not completely house trained yet but working on it. He has adapted to life with a little boy in the country very well. He is such a loving little guy. I did go ahead and get him neutered. We also gave him a puppy hair cut. He looks adorable. I will have to send you an updated picture of him (if I can get him to stand still, he is very active). Thanks for asking about him. He is such a wonderful addition to our home. We just absolutely love him.
Denise, Kris, and Ryan
GiGI with Angie & Todd in Ohio
Bella with the Mancino's in Mich.
Name: Ranger              PLACED
DOB: 2-18-2010  (was Derek)
Dam: Tinkerbelle,   Sire: Scotty
Adorable Tri-color on white Male.
Went home with the Mattingly family
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Name: Ranger ADOPTED
DOB: 2-18-2010  (was Derek)
Dam: Tinkerbelle, Sire: Scotty
Adorable Tri-color/white Male.
Went home with the Mattingly
family in Illinois.
Just wanted to let you know that Chewy (formerly Farley ) is doing great. He is just a little snuggler and quickly made his way into the hearts of everyone in our family even my son who is serving in the military and has only seen him twice.  The first night home on leave for Christmas this year I came down the next morning to find my son decided to crash on the couch in the family room. I found Chewy curled up right next to him.  
Thank you for such a wonderful little dog. He is healthy, happy, and a  little spoiled. He is almost 8 months old now and I think he's going to top off at about 10 1/2 pounds. As soon as I get a new picture I will forward it on.  
Sincerely,                     Linda Klasen and Family
Lilly with the Mancino's in Mich.
Click image to enlarge
Smitty joined      Litsybelle &               Staci
Linda & Garrett in Ohio
DOB 8-24-2010(Lil' Red/Promise)
DOB 8-24-2010(Lil' Red/Promise)
DOB 8-24-2010(Lil' Red/Promise)
DOB 8-24-2010(Lil' Red/Promise)
DOB 10-20-2010(Lilly/Scotty)
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Karina &Linda &   in Ohio
DOB 1-17-2011
(Cinnamon/ Shamrock)
Demi (Nonee) 1st walk on leash with dad and playmate.
Demi (Nonee)
Murphy (Acey) Waggoner
Chewy (P-Nut) and his adopted siblings.
Mani Pruit (Barkley) and his adopted mom.
Mani Pruit (Barkley) being adorable.
Hiding is not his talent. LOL Cuteness IS.
Lacey (left) and Logan, the Baker kids.
Bandit Welch.
Luke (Lucky) and Sarah.
Presley (Nomad) 2 months apart, top pic is younger.
MANI & Mom